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My Favorite Toddler Sleep Item

You finally have a baby that sleeps great… and then BOOM they are a toddler and all hell breaks loose! They suddenly protest bedtime, become masters at stalling, and have
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My Best Travel Tips!

Travel can be stressful, but add a baby/kid into the mix… yikes! Having a child in-tow (especially a baby) makes for even more variables we have to plan for! But,
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Saving you from the stress of Daylight Savings

Whether it is springing forward or falling back, daylight savings can be a time of stress for parents. There are A LOT of tips and opinions out there…. all of
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To swaddle or not to swaddle… apparently, it’s a question?

Ok, let’s talk about swaddling. I had NO idea it was so controversial until I posted a reel on instagram demonstrating Dr. Harvey Karps’s “5 S’s of Soothing a Baby”.
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