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Elizabeth Zarzour

After working for 11 years as a home health Speech Language Pathologist, I decided it was time to make a career change to do what I’m actually passionate about – helping children sleep! I have three children, and like many of you, my first one threw me for a loop. Postpartum anxiety consumed me as I saw all of these schedules he was supposed to be on, ounces he was supposed to be eating, and amount of sleep he was supposed to be getting. I felt like I was failing every day! My turning point was waking up to ANOTHER night of crying at 3am and immediately running to the bathroom to throw up from sleep deprivation and anxiety. Things had to change! That’s when I started researching baby sleep, the science behind it, and ways to incorporate different strategies that worked for our family. 

I have found that my greatest joy and passion has become helping others achieve their goals for a healthy, well rested family- and that I am actually really good at it 😉

On top of having my masters in Speech Language Pathology, I am also a certified Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Consultant. I have incorporated all my degrees and certifications to make sure you and your children receive the best care and support around! If you think your situation is too hard, or your child is too far gone- think again! I have had 3 babies with severe reflux, milk protein intolerance, and colic. I have been through the trenches and am here to help you get out too!

 Reach out and let’s get your family sleeping well!!
I can’t wait to help!
– Elizabeth