My Favorite Toddler Sleep Item

You finally have a baby that sleeps great… and then BOOM they are a toddler and all hell breaks loose! They suddenly protest bedtime, become masters at stalling, and have very big opinions! Don’t worry, we can fix this! I am starting a new “my favorite things” series! After polling y’all on instagram last week, we will be starting with my favorite toddler sleep item!

Drum roll….

It’s a colored night light system! These are A MUST for training your toddler to stop fighting bed time, stay in their bed all night long AND wait until a reasonable hour to get up in the morning! These issues are SO common with toddlers. But, the problem is, they are too young to understand the concept of time! Enter…. a colored light system. Telling a toddler it’s 7:30 and time for bed means nothing to them. Tell them “the clock is red , it’s time for bed!?” They get that instantly! Let’s talk about some of the options, and then I’ll tell you how to use them!

My top picks:

The Hatch rest+ ($89) and the Momcozy ($39) are both very user-friendly and work through an app. I love this set up for times when they are sleeping in, and you need to *last minute* switch the clock to turn green at 7:30/8:00 instead of 7:00. Never had a kid sleep in before? Stick with me, my friends 🙂

These two are super low-tech and easy to use. They are both so simple, you just set the time right on the clock- old school. With both the Stoplight ($39) and the Dog ($34), you don’t have to worry about any app glitches or high tech set up.

How to use it:

Now that you have chosen your clock, let’s learn how to use them!

  1. Introduce the clock to your child and explain how it works. “When the clock turns red, it’s time for bed. We stay in our bed allllll night until the clock turns green!” Practice with their stuffed animals/baby dolls/favorite super hero, etc. Put them in their bed when the light turns red, then 1 minute later turn the light green and act excited for the stuffed animal to get out of bed!
  2. Establish a rewards system as they learn to use this. I like to use a sticker chart. They get a sticker every night they stay in their bed all night long until the light is green! I created a bedtime sticker chart you can use for this here!
  3. HOLD THE BOUNDARY. If you are committing to this red light system, do it! If you waiver and let them delay bed time/get out of bed/come into your bed this will not work! Stay calm and consistent and hold firm! “The light is red it’s time for bed

If you need any additional assistance with this, or anything toddler sleep related, reach out and let’s do a $99 Quick Fix call and I can walk you through any additional questions you may have.

As always, I’ve got your back and you’ve got this!!



My Best Travel Tips!

Travel can be stressful, but add a baby/kid into the mix… yikes! Having a child in-tow (especially a baby) makes for even more variables we have to plan for! But, I never want you to miss out on any experience just because you are afraid to mess with your child’s schedule or routine. They CAN be flexible! Here are my best tips for traveling with a baby:

  1. Leave early: Whether you are flying or driving, if the trip will take more than a few hours… leave EARLY. Book that early morning flight or plan to hit the road in your car first thing in the morning! This will give you more time to get your child adjusted to your new location and (if needed) get them to bed early after a long travel day!
  2. Let go of the schedule: If you try to keep baby on their nap schedule while traveling, you will fail… So, let them nap whenever and however they want to. And, if they don’t nap at all?? That’s ok too! Again, use that trick card of an early bedtime when you arrive at your destination so they can start fresh the next day!
  3. Pack all the snacks and screens: Buy those special snacks you don’t ever keep in the house and download a million things on their tablets/your phone to keep them entertained! One day of breaking the rules will not hurt them, and I promise you it will make your travel day easier! Go to the Dollar Tree or the dollar section of Target and get little activities and toys that are brand new and pull one out at a time while you travel. I’ve linked here some of our favorite travel toys!

4. Set up their sleep space first: The first thing you do when you get there? Establish where they will be sleeping and set up the travel crib with the Slumberpod on top. (if you don’t already own a Slumberpod, I linked it here and use my code EZSLEEP for a discount!) Next, plug in the sound machine and set up the monitor (a cheap audio monitor is all you need!) Get the space all ready so that when bed time comes, there will be less stress for everyone! Let them play around in their new sleep space/room and get accustomed to it. Read a book in there or play a game of peek-a-boo, and then leave the room and start your vacation!

5. Use my packing list: You know that feeling of “I know if forgot something” at 3 am the night before a trip? Well, you can sleep easy my friends, because I created the ultimate packing list for traveling with a baby! Click here to get it!

Above all, if you do not already have a good independent sleeper, let’s fix that TODAY so that your trip will be a restful one! Reach out and let’s get started!

Happy travels!! You got this!



Saving you from the stress of Daylight Savings

Whether it is springing forward or falling back, daylight savings can be a time of stress for parents. There are A LOT of tips and opinions out there…. all of which seem to be nothing more than a lot of extra work and math for parents! A common one is “starting a week before the change, start moving bedtime up/back 15 minutes each day.” Yadda Yadda. You certainly CAN do this. But, my solution on all things sleep is no B.S./make it as simple as possible/direct to the point answers. That’s what you are here for right?!

My take on Daylight Savings? Just dive into it. Keep everything the same. You may have one or two early mornings or rough bedtimes, but as long as you continue to set your expectations and hold your sleep boundaries, most kids adjust as quickly as adults do. Some kids don’t even notice the change!

This is why it’s so important to have a good independent sleeper. They can take these changes in stride because they have all the skills needed to go with the flow when it comes to schedule changes. Sleep training actually improves sleep flexibility and builds life long skills of healthy sleep habits! So, the only reason to stress going into Daylight Savings, would be if you were starting out with a crappy sleeper anyway! But, we can fix that, don’t worry! 😉

In summary, no need to pre-plan if you don’t want to. (I don’t) Handle any sleep disruption that may come like you would any other regression. As always, reach out if you need any extra support by emailing me here or messaging me on instagram @e.z.sleep

You got this!


Hayes says don’t stress about Daylight Savings!