Saving you from the stress of Daylight Savings

Whether it is springing forward or falling back, daylight savings can be a time of stress for parents. There are A LOT of tips and opinions out there…. all of which seem to be nothing more than a lot of extra work and math for parents! A common one is “starting a week before the change, start moving bedtime up/back 15 minutes each day.” Yadda Yadda. You certainly CAN do this. But, my solution on all things sleep is no B.S./make it as simple as possible/direct to the point answers. That’s what you are here for right?!

My take on Daylight Savings? Just dive into it. Keep everything the same. You may have one or two early mornings or rough bedtimes, but as long as you continue to set your expectations and hold your sleep boundaries, most kids adjust as quickly as adults do. Some kids don’t even notice the change!

This is why it’s so important to have a good independent sleeper. They can take these changes in stride because they have all the skills needed to go with the flow when it comes to schedule changes. Sleep training actually improves sleep flexibility and builds life long skills of healthy sleep habits! So, the only reason to stress going into Daylight Savings, would be if you were starting out with a crappy sleeper anyway! But, we can fix that, don’t worry! 😉

In summary, no need to pre-plan if you don’t want to. (I don’t) Handle any sleep disruption that may come like you would any other regression. As always, reach out if you need any extra support by emailing me here or messaging me on instagram @e.z.sleep

You got this!


Hayes says don’t stress about Daylight Savings!